Every Rose Has Its Thorn


and then she really did take it


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Matsui Jurina's Janken Taikai 2014 entrance

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Aamin von Schweetz 

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[Get To Know Me ⇀ 5 Favorite Female characters ] [4/5] Futaba Yoshioka

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Tokyo Tower vs. Osaka Tower

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please make a line which can make a man who catches a cold get well instantly.Then you get Dr.Sayanee in action


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Ami’s Delivery Service

this cosplay IS cute but she will forever be vonellopee to me

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Nyan: I thought about announcing graduation if I won. I guess I have to work a little harder.

Takamina: The gods gave smiles on us twice today. To have stopped Kojima-san from graduating, and also to have given Miruki her birthday present.

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